Category: Productivity
Released: January 23, 2014
v. 1.0.1: Mar 20, 2014
Current version: 1.0.1
Dominik Warszewski


Keydates includes a list of public holidays of many countries however if your country is not listed you can specify your own set of holidays just by pressing the settings icon. The country name below the slider informs which country's holiday is currently set.

The dates are displayed grouped basing on the duration of vacation.
The first date with a black font is the begining and the gray one is the last day of the suggested a vacation.

The slider limits the time in which suitable dates are being searched. Every unit is a week and you can search up to a year forward. Simply move the slider.

You can add a period to your calendar by pressing the calendar icon on the right of each leave suggestion.
You can choose between 1 and 26 available days of your annual leave, simply by swiping right or left.

Press Kit

All the content below can be used without any restriction as far as for reviewing Keydates.

Press Kit consists of:

  • icons in 4 sizes
  • iPhone, iPad screen shots

Download Press Kit (ENG), Download Press Kit (PL)

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