We mixed up Worms and Angry Birds and this is what we obtained.

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[ Matrix Calculator ] PRO

Meet the extended version of the [ Matrix Calculator ] with fractions and decimals support. More operations to apply in matrix equations. A lot of improvements waiting for you!

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The Mushroom Book

Have you ever wished you had a mushroom book after noticing a mushroom? From now, everything you need will be right in your pocket, on your iPhone, iPod Touch or even iPad. You will have all the information about mushroom offline (no web connection necessary!)

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[ Matrix Calculator ]

Are you disappointed with matrix calculators available on the store? You should definitely check out our calculator. If you are a student or professional engineer who works with matrix, this app is what you need!
You will be amazed how comfortable it is to use!

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Plan and optimize your holidays

Feeling overworked? Thus, You definitely need a break! But... remember that leave days are limited per year, so use them efficiently! Use them wisely. Choose long periods instead of many short ones. Take adventage of circumstances which can extend your vacation without the need of using more leave days. What about 11 days off by using only 4? Choose smartly. Use Keydates. Invest in your free time and relax. It will pay off.

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Metire - kitchen units converter

Do you feel confused when cooking? Don't know what are these strange 'cups', 'tablespoons', 'ounces' or 'grams'? And every recipe looks like a spell? If so, Metire is the proper app for you! It is a kind of kitchen converter. You can easly change e.g cups on ounces or ounces to cups of a great number of the most popular food products. With Metire your kitchen experiments will no longer be the same!


A simple and challenging game. It's also a productive way of spending your free time because it trains your concentration and improves your memory...